Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Pimp My Sub2..!"

Only in San Bernardino, CA will you find the "Pimp my Tattoo" mobile tattoo clinic and bus conversion! [well, i guess this bus actually goes 'anywhere']

Yes, friends step aboard and take a trip directly to the psychedelic express to "tat" nirvana! Or not.

I barely got this photo snapped before the bus turned left at the next light. If you notice the graffiti all over the back of the bus in white spray paint. I had to laugh at the graffiti on graffiti situation. I could barely tell which was supposed to be there, and which was not.
[It's supposed to be there! Who knew?]

Meanwhile, the bumper read: "" so I gleefully refer you to them, because I'm so impressed with their marketing gimmick! At their site, you'll see better pictures of the actual bus I saw (being driven in Ohio).

The real reason I post this, is because it draws attention to the cash flow opportunities that exist in these areas. These are management intensive locales, but at the same time opportunities to create an income stream that doesn't require an arm and a leg to get into.

Anytime I hear someone say that there's no opportunities in real estate anymore, I now just direct them to San Bernardino County. Owners change hands often in these places. Often the owners that knew there was cash flow, also didn't know how to manage a business, or how to market correctly. They're the same ones that become, "don't wanters," as Robert Allen describes them; those who want out of their properties. These same owners will accept very creative terms just to save their butts.

I bought an apartment building in an economically depressed area very similar to this. I got in free. All I had to do was apply my professional management skills to turn the place around. It didn't need rehabbing as such. It was just in need of some a consistent, professional, management application to create both cash flow and a substantial amount of equity on paper.

It's simple, but not always easy, however. Tenants that were used to a loosey-goosey management style from the previous owner, which created the mess for the owner in the first place, underwent a severe case of "management overhaul shock" after I pulled in.

Many tenants bailed on the situation, because they had no intention of following any "new" rules, or actually paying their rent on schedule. Did I mention my gigantic late fees?

Anyway, Sub2 financing came in so very handy for this situation, because nobody in their right mind would have tried to get financing on this failed management hell hole, otherwise. The seller knew it. I knew it.

Find a seller with a problem, not a property with a problem, and get rich solving the seller's problem with the property. Yay Sub2!

If you would like to know how I bought that property without new financing click here: "Screw The Bank!"

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