Monday, March 28, 2011

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Only For Shark Marketers...

My "Five Point Solution" to marketing for profit...

I can't quote Frank Kern here, because this is a "G" rated blog. However, I'm heading into "R" territory for the purpose of clarity and emphasis of relating what one of the most respected marketers told me yesterday.

Meantime, what Frank taught forced me to rethink my marketing. Before I get to that, there are four marketing keys that are missing from 90% of the marketing I'm seeing. I am guilty of missing a couple of them myself, which makes this post important to share. Yes, my blog has content!

Very quickly the four keys are...

1. Headline must easily and immediately expose a "need" in the prospect.

2. The offer must easily and most likely appeal to a certain prospect.

3. The prospect must easily and effortlessly take advantage of the offer.

4. The prospect must benefit from what we have to offer, opposed to other offers.
Easy, huh?

Well, if we can translate those four keys into our advertising of houses, apartments, or whatever, then we'll almost
own our market. I say "almost," because Frank got me thinking about this one fundamental marketing question to ask regarding my message to market advertising.

That is, to ask, "What is my prospect's biggest, 'Bad Ass Problem'?" (B.A.P.) I told ya Frank has an "R" rated style.
The answer to that question is foundational and fundamental to making money. All profits flow from the quality of that answer.

Meantime, my prospective buyer's B.A.P. is not being able to buy their dream home with conventional financing.
So, my "bad ass solution" is offering financing on their dream home. Now, as you'll see in a moment, there has to be a distinction between what I offer and what someone else might. What is that?

Well, I don't do credit checks for one thing. And for another, I don't qualify them. If they've got the cash, and can fog a mirror, they qualify. Simple, yes.

I'm out of room here, so let me summarize the formula I'm now following (hopefully they're self-explanatory).

Five Point Formula...

1. Determine the prospect's biggest need.

2. Headline the need.

3. Appeal to a specific prospect with that need.

4. Offer an easy solution to that specific prospect.

5. Highlight the advantage of your solution over every other.

Much more can be said, but that'll get you thinking.