Saturday, August 13, 2011

"My Sub2 Blog Is Number One...!"

Yes, I'm the number one Sub2 blogger on the internet!

How do I know that?

Well, google says so! This blog site shows up on the first page when you google "Sub2"

"So what?" you ask.

Well, Sub2 financing, can be the most powerful, if not creative, real estate financing tool ever ...used correctly.

What other method of real estate financing allows us to avoid banks like they were drunken alcoholics?

Or what other way do we know that doesn't require a job, a down payment, a credit report, and routinely enduring an anal examination of our financials?

What other ways don't depend on appraisals ...or allow us to buy without going through agents that just cost us money and routinely interfere with our creative negotiations?

That all said, what other strategy allows us to finalize a deal so fast we can use the trunk lid of our BMW to close on?

So, if...
  • bypassing banks,
  • never having our credit checked,
  • never proving funds, or...
  • never enduring failed appraisals, ...or
  • farting around with ignorant agents sounds good...then
  • lightening fast closings should seem like a no-brainer!
With today's Sub2 financing, we can buy real estate even if we haven't had a job since the Reagan administration... or even if our credit is so crappy we can't borrow a toothbrush...!

Now, you've probably thought that sub2 was a 'last resort." You're thinking it's only for those with lousy credit and no down payments, right? WRONG, oh one ignorant assumptions...!

Of course Sub2 financing is the FIRST RESORT for the sophisticated investors. Otherwise, why have a bunch of loans show up on your credit report for no reason other than you don't know how to avoid that?

Or why risk being denied a conventional loan only because you have 'too many loans' already?
The smart investors use Sub2 for privacy sake, too.

When we're not pulling out new loans, we're also not broadcasting our business to the world.

However, the very best part is that we can make money so fast that the conventional buyer is still trying to get his loan closed, or find a renter, or worse...trying to resell the time we've pocketed ten or twenty thousand in cash.

Wanna know more about this first resort (first class) financing system?
Just click on the link to see what's possible "No More Banks!"

You'll never pull your pants down for an anal examination of your financials again, unless you enjoy it...!