Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Think of it as a persistant, interminable cough ...that spews cash...!

There's one direct mail, marketing principal, that trumps crappy headlines, and poor ad copy, and just plain, old, bad real estate marketing...
Before I tell you what it is, let me first say, that after I 'got' my mind around this principal, I stopped beating myself up over 'bad ad copy.'
Even better, my response rates climbed, and more importantly, so did my conversion rates.
So what is this principal?

It's the principal of "consistency."

OK, before you tune out to that overly familiar, and boring-sounding term...stick with me for a few seconds...
I'm not talking about mailing out every three months kind of consistency... But every last Friday of the month kind of consistency...
OK, why Friday, exactly, you be askin'?
Because the peoples be payin' more attention to the mailz they be gettin' on Mondayz.
Just acceptz it.

I can't even remember who I learned that from, so ignore it at your peril.
The very most important part of this
principal, is that it naturally focuses
emerging prospects on our solution.
For instance, the month we skip a mailing, is the month that the competition 'doesn't skip' and snags our ripe, falling fruit, because the prospect only saw our competition's message that month. People forget us that fast...

Recently, I was on a call with a fellow investor who was sending every 90 days with fairly mediocre results, according to him.

He wasn't a newbie, and had about 25 deals under his belt.

OK, not a world-blowing stat, but twenty five deals times $10K a deal is um, $250,000 ...pre-tax.

The point is that he needed better results. We talked about his ad pieces. He had great copy.

His problem was two-fold.

First the amateur competition was coming out of the woodwork around him.

All the fresh seminar graduates were swamping his farm with 'yellow letters' and "Mary letters" and your average junk mail.

Well, of course this amount of competition drove the prospects to THEM, not him, and his response and conversion rates tumbled.

The second problem was, obviously, he wasn't sending often enough.

His cards would come now and then, but the competition was stealing his deals out from under him, only because they were in the prospect's face, month-by-month, by comparison.

As those prospects emerged, they were being caught up in the competition's more 'consistently-cast' net!

Since our ads are all about getting attention, he wasn't getting enough with 90-day mailings.

Which brings me to say that the best way to get attention, is to keep our message in front of our prospects eyes, more often than our competitor.

This does two things:
1) Makes us familiar
2) Makes us the first choice to call.
Which brings me to the main point.

Mailing (exposing the message) consistently, separates the sheep from the goats in this business.

For example, again, if we only mail like four times a year, the prospects will forget who we are in the meantime, and will call the guy that sent mail for the last, five, straight months, first!

Now what?

Well, now we're 'also rans' in regards to those deals.

Well, those folks go home empty-handed, or worse, get a pat on the back, for "participating."

Yeah, well those pats are reserved for marketing cripples.

Forget that!!!!!!

Bottom line is that consistent, timely advertising, trumps bad ad copy, and the competitors that try to market on the cheap.

By refusing to send enough mail, they get a ride home, with a warm pat, on the "also ran's" short bus.

Hey, let's encourage them!! Let's spread the word that 'one-off' mailers are the crème de la crème of advertising shizzle!

We want to keep that 'short bus' full...!

Meanwhile, if you think that mailing out once a month is hard work, since you've got to 'think up' ad copy, you will love my training, because I already give you time-tested, profit-generating, ad copy, that turns out more like a "mail and make money" kind of deal.
Your Sub2 Coach, Jay.