Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He Made a Mountain Out of a Mole Hill...

Many years ago there was a guy I knew very well that started out in real estate investing with no real money to his name. He earned a small paycheck from his employment in a non-profit organization, but that barely provided the basics.

What set this poor man apart from other poor men, was that he had a dream of financial independence and wasn’t going to take "no" for an answer.

He was old school. He wasn’t a fast-buck operator. He didn’t settle for a string of short term gains from quick flips, and pant like a rodent endlessly rotating his Hamster wheel looking for the next quick profit deal like many insist is only possible to do today.

Instead he kept his nose to the grinding stone looking for solid, long term deals that would eventually provide for a comfortable retirement and time for his family in the meantime. These were just “mole hill” deals. Nothing to get excited about.

As careful and thoughtful as he was, his first "mole hill" deal resulted in a catastrophic loss. After literally saving up for several years for a down payment on his first investment property, the major employer in the area closed its doors and fired thousands of people.

This tsunami of unemployment decimated the rental market as hundreds of landlords lost their tenants and homes became vacant, including my friend’s rental house.
Many had to give up. My friend also lost his house, along with all his cash he'd saved and invested.

However, another difference emerged in this man, and that was that he believed that he could overcome this setback and achieve his dream of financial independence ...somehow.

Starting from scratch, he began saving money again, slowly, in order to invest again. Within months, he took another risk and began offering his tiny amounts of money to sellers who would agree to finance him. He endured much rejection. This included negative attitudes and opinions about his goals and ambition from those who knew him and what he'd previously "accomplished."

People also scoffed that such a poor man could make any progress in this market, and that real estate investing was a dead-end, or a fool’s folly. Meanwhile, i
t wasn’t long before he found a seller, or two, who wanted his money more than their property. So, with that little bit of success, he began looking for ways to come up with more down payment money to give to more sellers.

He decided to buy and sell cars he found cheap. He worked swap meets and fairs selling car accessories. His wife worked a part time job for extra cash. Of course, the important thing to remember was that he maintained a vision of financial independence that kept him motivated when he was tempted to get discouraged.

None of his deals was anything to write home about. They were all small potato deals, or “mole hill” deals.

However, after plodding away unceremoniously investing in deals that anyone would consider small time, he emerged the owner of over two hundred income producing properties in about ten years.

Scoffing turned into admiration and amazement as onlookers and former naysayers proclaimed him to be a genius, and that everything he touched turn to gold. Otherwise, how could such a modest man accomplish so much with so little, they thought.

My friend pushed all those mole hill deals together to create a mountain of wealth. In fact those mole hills together represented over fifteen million dollars in equity. Those small potato deals turned into a mound of steaming mashed potatoes with a slathered helping of gravy on top.

So the moral here is to move forward how you can, and remember that mole hills become mountains, if you get enough of them together, and there’s no stopping you if you are willing to start where you can, and continue without stopping ...and ignore those who can’t imagine your success.

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