Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Creating Money Out of Thin Air...the Sub2 Way...!"

Sub2 financing can offer the fastest track to wealth creation ever.

When my family first started investing in single family homes in the late 1960's, credit was THE most important thing to "worry" about, apart from scraping up the 20% for a down payment on a conventional loan. Of course that was for our OWN home, not for an investment property. Trying to get a loan for an investment property was a whole different animal. The rate and terms were worse, AND you had to qualify for the loan as if you were servicing the loan yourself, without considering the rent from the property.

Things have changed since then. What hasn't changed, is the practice of taking over existing loans. This method has been used to get around the qualifying process banks have required since loans were invented.

However, the government institutionalized 'non-qualifying' loan assumptions. Wasn't that convenient? Yes, one person would originally pull their pants down and expose their financials to some bank, and qualify for the Federal Housing Authority-backed loan. Then when it was time to sell, they could just let somebody take over their loan just by signing a couple of documents.

This was technically "subject to" financing, but had no name until after the "Due on Sale" clause was invented. Meantime, there was no income verification and no credit check to take over these FHA loans! Yay. And the original borrower, yes, was still on the hook for the loan...! Nothing had changed. Except...

Eventually conventional lenders stopped allowing their loans to be taken over without qualifying. They included a term called a "Due on Sale" clause. Why did they do this? Because they were losing money when sellers would allow buyers to take over their low-interest rate loans at 10% instead of qualifying for brand new 18% loans. Well, this 8% spread wasn't going to be lost to a bunch of amateurs! Nosirreee Bob!

So, banks scared off the "sheople" (who were otherwise seller-financing new buyers at 10%, instead of 18%) by including the dreaded "Due on Sale" clause in all new loans. Now this clause didn't mean that a bank WOULD call a loan that was not properly assumed, but it just wanted the right to make more money off the new buyer in the event it was profitable for them.

Well, ever since interest rates fell to the point that most seller financed deals were MORE expensive than conventional bank's terms, no bank in their right mind would call in a perfectly healthy loan.

As a result of the lower conventional rates, the DOS clause has been a flaccid threat to anyone taking over a loan the old fashion way.

Now, how do we create money out of thin air with Sub2?

There are two ways (at least), but the fastest way is simply to resell a house for a higher price, on terms to someone who "really" wants your house, who cannot qualify for the "cheaper" conventional loan. This could be for reasons including being new to the community, changing careers and employment, recently losing a house in the bubble market crash, and other reasons that temporarily keep them from qualifying for a new conventional loan without putting up 20-25% down.

So how exactly does this help us create money out of thin air, again?

Well, we're not going to sell a house to a buyer who needs financing from us for the same amount we paid. We're going to raise the price as a premium for our service. Typically we'll raise the price by 10% over retail ----- or if we got the house for 10-20% under retail, we can ensure a FAST resale by offering the house for today's retail value, and then work to get our buyer refinanced as soon as possible. Usually this takes at least 12 months.

The second way to create money out of thin air, is to charge a slightly higher interest rate than what we're paying. This isn't usually a large amount, but it all goes directly to our bottom line.

So creating money out of thin air just means that we created extra "value" out of thin air. We market our houses to a niche of potential homeowners that will pay a premium price in return for the privilege of owning their own home --- without having to qualify for a loan, or even having their credit checked, and most importantly putting up less down than any bank would require.

The value of what we offer is SO POWERFUL that we can actually create value (money) out of thin air!

Meanwhile, our buyers will beg, borrow, and 'probably' steal to give us a down payment and take advantage of what we have to offer them with sub2 financing.

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