Saturday, September 11, 2010

"When You Absolutely Must Have $30k In 90 Days..."

Wow, after three weeks of preparation, I just finished the final touches on a 30-minute presentation outlining how I learned how to do "subject to" deals from my friend Mitch.

In the video, I share the story about Mitch, the guy that we all thought was a drug dealer, because he drove nice cars and lived in a view home with a pool, but nobody ever saw him at work.

Ha Ha! Little did we know that Mitch was a professional negotiator and sales trainer that morphed his training into buying upscale houses from motivated sellers without down payments or using his credit...

Well, I got Mitch to tell me what he was up to several years ago now, and frankly, what he showed me changed my life forever.

Normally I put content here, but today, I'm just offering a free video presentation that shares exactly how my friend Mitch made thirty or forty thousand dollars in just a few days of buying pretty houses without qualifying for loans, or offering up his credit. In the video, I also show examples of what can be bought using "subject to" financing that surprises most people.

Here's the link to the video... FREE VIDEO PRESENTATION

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