Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Steps To Sub2 Success...!

I responded to an email last night that I think you should read...

A newbie investor wanted advice on how to get into real estate investing...

I receive requests like this every week and a half.

Frankly, I used to lap up the opportunities, until I realized that the ones wanting my help didn't really know what they wanted. I discovered that unless I had a very clear, precise idea of where they wanted to go, it was a case of the blind leading the blind. No thanks. What really frosted my cake, was that none would follow my advice anyway, since they really weren't committed to their blind journey in the first place.

So, I decided I was done with that. Now, when anyone wants help, I have them do a little exercise (not little) before I waste time. Here's what I said to my future "mentee" last evening...

"John [name changed],

Size yourself up...
Evaluate yourself honestly and frankly...and ask...

  • What are my skills?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What have I set out by “faith” to accomplish, that seemed impossible, but succeeded in doing despite the obstacles? That is, how determined have I been at following through to the end of a difficult achievement...?
  1. What is my most important, pressing, must-have, goal?
  2. What is my absolute deadline that it must be achieved?
  3. What is the consequence of it not being achieved other than my life will come to an end, and/or I’ll be embarrassed to the point of committing suicide, because I’ve told everyone in the world what I was going to do, and by what date so it MUST happen, or else?

Frankly, if you can answer the last 3 questions, I would love to help you further. However, if you’re not really sure about these yet, then I’m going to be a poor source of help.
Don’t feel bad, if this isn’t a solid situation for you yet. I understand.

However, nobody does squat, really, without knowing the answers to those three questions first, including me. So I just gave you some very important feedback that will set you ahead of the pack.

Meanwhile, read everything you can on real estate, and above all control your thoughts. Remain positive and thankful for everything you have, and completely STOP focusing on failures, doubt, worry, self-doubt, or what others might think of your goals, dreams, deadlines, or accountability to them.

Finally, I highly suggest you get a copy of both of Tony Robbin’s books, "Unlimited Power” and “Awaken The Giant Within”, and finally “Get The Edge.” You might not be ready for these yet. You have to be in the mindset of changing the way you think.

It may take something fairly traumatic to “get you there”. Meanwhile, the books are a lot to absorb, but “Get the Edge” is not hard, and is fun to listen to. However, if there’s a problem or challenge in your life right now, Tony Robbins has enormously helpful things to offer, that have changed my thinking habits 180 degrees."

Now, I'm waiting to see if John examines himself well enough to be open and clarified in his thinking to absorb and appreciate anything else I have to offer. We'll see.

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