Monday, September 21, 2009

Which DVD Cover Makes You More Curious?

Which of these DVD covers is the most "attractive"? (distractive?)

You can post, or PM me. Any response is OK, even if you think it's the most manipulative, provocative, useless thing you've ever looked at. I'm open.


Jason said...

Hey Jay,

From the 2 given, I'm liking the first one better.

From a fellow "Cash Now" collegue,
Jason :)

Jay Palmquist said...

Thanks Jason for you feedback.

Cash Now colleagues are great!!!!

A professional advertiser told me I need to put the text from the yellow DVD on the swirl DVD. I'm getting more positive feedback on the swirl, so far.

Thanks again.

MattJohnson said...

Hi Jay,

I agree with your advertiser friend; if it were me, I'd put the "How to beat the competition..." line where the "Scripted Presentation System" currently is.

Good luck!

Jay Palmquist said...

The swirl suggests "hypnosis" so if I use that background, any other text somehow has to explain or expand on the theme. I don't have this figured out yet.