Monday, September 28, 2009

Rocket Test 1

What a week!

In preparation for my own product launch I've been practicing my marketing skills on a real estate related affiliate course. The course is very good, but the sales page is weak.

My "click rate" is three times better than what I imagined right off the launch pad, but I'm not happy with the zero conversion rate to date [sad face].

I'll be REALLY glad when I get that first conversion! Then I can reverse engineer my approach to see where that one conversion came from, and then focus on doing MUCH more of whatever I was doing! :)

After I get the "conversion" mechanics figured out, and I'm pulling in at least $30 a day, then I'll have to consider the next step.

BTW, what is $30 a day? Is that about $900 a month? We
ll, that's a new Vette payment.


If you'd like to see what I'm mercilessly pushing as a test click here:


Jason said...

Coming from a fellow offline/online marketer, and simple feller in general...yes, the sales page has some "flaws". Most notably, the benefits list. The 1st 4 points, although written differently, are redundant, as they each say " easy it is..."
Little things like this and just the overall look of the page could explain low conversion rates.
If the page were "sexier" and had the quality of someone who makes tons of $$ with commercial real estate, the it would be more believable.
Just my 2 cents.

Is your upcoming product sub2 related, Jay?
If so, I await as a buyer (and possibly an affiliate) ;)

Take care.

Jay Palmquist said...

Thanks Jason!

I'm ready to pull the plug on this test. After this many click-throughs and no sales, I know it's a bad sales page. Too bad. It's good information. Additionally, he's got pop-ups that interfere with the closing. Squeeze pages should come before the sales page, or between the check-out and the thank you page, but not this.

Instead of capturing the customer's contact info as a condition to access the product download, he's trying to capture it before he's got the fish on the hook. It's one thing to get the fish to "sniff" the bait, and quite another to get the fish to "clamp" down first.

Today I was was going through Clickbank trying to find anther affiliate to practice on. I forgot how many "hypnosis" product promoters there are! LOL!

Yes, you're right, it is the little things that make a difference in conversions. One thing I'm trying to avoid is the "hyped" ad copy that only works on the two people that discovered the "interweb" yesterday. :D

Yes, my course is about sub2, but it includes the mechanics and negotiations of buying commercial properties and....businesses.

I've decided that I'm going ask for some feedback before I officially introduce it.

Thanks for your posts!


Jay Palmquist said...

Oh, I forgot! Yes, I would love to have you as an affiliate! Thank you for mentioning it.