Sunday, December 22, 2013

"The Anti Sub2 Guru's Five-Step PLan To Making Your First $30,000...!"

I don't 'guru' anyone anymore.

Gurus are just codependent losers.

They waste all sorts of time with the un-serious wanna-bees, trying to be liked and respected.

They just end up like the codependent girls, with boyfriends that beat them to a bloody pulp, and then blame themselves for the beatings.

Can these girls get any stupider?

Well, I'm not that stupid, or codependent (cough) anymore.

Now, I don't care who likes me.

And I'm no longer beaten like a rented mule.

My primary reason...

I limit myself to helping the action takersl

They don't abuse my time.

Speaking of them... (what a segue)

I was so anxious to share this...

Actually, I am excited...

It's a 5-step outline of a typical "Screw The Bank!" deal, that broadly illustrates how simply anyone can make their first $30,000 flipping pretty houses.

It starts with a $300,000 example.  Don't let that scare you.

I just wanted to highlight the profits by using larger numbers.  The percentages are the same in every price point, even if the dollars amounts are different.

So, relax...

Here's the plan...
  •     Create a "Sub2" mailing list, consisting of newer homes, with newer loans, with 10% equity, and mail to them.
  •     Make offers of $270k (10% off retail) with no down payment.
  •     Get the deeds, take over loans, and close.
  •     Find buyers that need "easy" financing; resell for 10% above retail, and ask for 10% down  ($330k with $30k down).
  •     [This would be when you pocket your first $30,000]
  •     Finance the balance, until the buyer pays you off, and you collect the balance of your equity; another $30k.

That's the deal in a nutshell.

It's all about buying a little below retail, adding value with the easy financing, and selling a little above retail.

This is the low-competition strategy I follow for making money where few others can.

If you're ready for the full Monty ...with all the nutz and boltz, just Click below>>>>>
The Nutz and Bolts Of Pretty House Flipping Here

Your Sub2 Coach, Jay (and Wolfie, the Sub2 Chihuahua)

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