Monday, February 14, 2011

"No Down" Sub2 Deals

Way back in the 1980’s Robert Allen told a group of us that no down deals are every where, but that’s just the beginning. He said, don’t rely solely on no down deals after you’ve got some money. Cash lubricates would be cash cows that are a bit sticky to glue together. So, limiting ourselves to no down deals, will keep us from making LOTS more money off deals that actually take some money to glue together.

I’ve never forgotten that.

Meantime, I’ve always loved learning about ‘no down payment’ financing techniques. And when I discovered the “Holy Grail” of “no down” financing strategies a few years back, I always had options available to me that I never realized were possible before.

Sub2 has been the holy grail for most of my friends, too, who’ve discovered how powerful it is. If we can make $10,000 in four days by flipping a house we only paid twenty dollars to control, imagine our giddiness in pocketing fifty thousand in cash on a nice home ...and only giving the seller just five or six thousand in “play money” for the privilege.

Going back to Robert Allen for a sec ...limiting ourselves to “no down” deals may be necessary for us at the beginning, but after getting some cash in our pockets, we can start negotiating really juicy deals for ourselves that nobody else would dream was possible.

Speaking of dream deals, do you realize that owners of expensive homes are more likely to bail on a house if they have half an excuse... than owners of “bread and butter” homes...? Yes, these upper end sellers know how make money, but like anyone might, get temporarily strapped. These are the same sellers that often believe that they can make it again, and are willing to do what’s necessary today to solve an immediate cash flow problem. And that includes giving us their deed in return for getting out of a loan payment.

Five or six thousand in moving money, debt relief, pain relief, and a chance to regroup is often the right recipe for pocketing what three agents combined could make in a year.

Think outside the box. If “no down” Sub2 deals are fantastically profitable,. imagine what “small down” Sub2 deals can do to grease the skids to wealth...!

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