Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Push In The Clutch...! Or Else.

“Push in the clutch.”

That was my first driving lesson.

I learned more later.

As we all piled back in the car with our milkshakes, hamburgers, Cokes and what not, I was excited to continue to demonstrate my prowess as a newly minted driver.

Seat belt: check. Mirror: check. Adjust steering column height: check. Everything was good.

Ignition key: check. Then I gently, but firmly turned the ignition on. Suddenly like awakening a drunk who didn’t know where he was, and with a spasm and lurching motion, the car heaved forward and immediately died.

Everyone’s food landed on the floor along with milkshakes and pop all over the upholstery, carpeting, and our laps. Whoopsie! I forget to push in the clutch. My bad.

Well then, I tried that twice. Crap, it was like a McDonald’s exploded all over us. Now, nobody was in a mood to ride with me. Never mind I got them to McDonald’s safely and without a hitch. Such short memories!

Well, I see the same misfortune today as newbie real estate investors don’t do first things first. They might know what to do, but they try to take shortcuts, or just forget.

What is this first thing? Treat the business as a business, not a hobby ...or a job.

Doing just that ...first, puts anyone down the road an extra two hundred miles.

Speaking of doing first things first...

Here’s a Christmas Present for You...

“7 Secrets For Success In Business, Plus One”

  1. Treat Your Business Like A Business, Not A Job.
  2. Keep Good Records.
  3. Test And Track Your Marketing.
  4. Market.
  5. Maintain A Protocol For Moving Prospects Through Your Pipeline.
  6. Discipline Your Work Schedule
  7. Protect Your Most Precious Commodity (Your Time).
  8. Charge What You’re Worth.
Merry Christmas To You

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