Sunday, October 18, 2009

My First Student! :D

I came across this video from Preston Ely, the probate real estate guru. He posted this on FaceBook and I just laughed my head off.

One reason I post this, is just to prove that ANYONE can do real estate. It just takes passion, persistence, and a program! I give this guy kudos for plugging away.

Note: The guy's wife's fingers pic at his nose --- Hilarious!




MattJohnson said...

LMAO; this guy can't be serious.

Maybe he's using David Finkel's technique of sounding awkward in order to get you to put your guard down.....

Jay Palmquist said...

He he he! I think he is serious. That's what makes me laugh so hard.

I remember hearing something like what Finkel suggests. It's kind of like pretending to be Columbo. I would never think this guy is stupid though. He's just unsophisticated. Now, his wife? That's another story.

I mean, flashing her five fingers when he mentions the referral feel is so stupidly hilarious!!!!