Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walking Around In A Dreamer's Dream.

Home Movies At DisneyLand - 1956 from Jeff Altman on Vimeo.

My new friend, Jeff Alman, discovered a 16mm film made by his grandfather in 1956.

Lo and Behold! Help us Hannah!

There was his grandmother shaking hands with none other than Walt Disney himself! She's the one wearing the white cowgirl outfit and hat.

I post this because Walt Disney is a role model for me and anyone who won't take anything less than "yes" for an answer to their dream(s).

Walt stuck, and stuck, and stuck, and stuck to creating high quality animations that he hoped would become profitable...but failed; went bankrupt; borrowed again up to his neck; was ripped off...and that was just his first attempts to realize his dreams. Of course Walt finally achieved his dream of creating profitable, high quality animations. Animations that set him apart from all others, apart from being profitable.

We know, too, that Walt Disney was a dreamer. He also had goals. Furthermore, he lived with self-imposed, goal-related deadlines all throughout this life and career. And of course he understood that goals without deadlines were just daydreams. Walt was no daydreamer.

Watch this precious, previously unknown, and un-circulated video showing off the realized dream that Walt so persistently drove for. Thanks Jeff.

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