Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm having "Halloween" moments all month long scaring myself half to death thinking that a well-manicured and smooth-talking socialist may make it to the office of the president. Frankly I would rather have the Wicked Witch of the West, who lets us know exactly what she's all about --- scary details and all!

I hadn't planned on talking about politics on this blog, but the case can be made that George Bush's tax economy has made a bunch of us a LOT of money since 2000. Despite the downturns attributed to the greed and power grabs of the left who pushed lenders to offer non-sensical loans to those with no ability to perform, there is hope.

There is hope if enough folks realize that socialism hasn't put any country that has practiced it, into a "fatter" position than the worst economies of the United States. All the socialist European economies including Russia and China aren't even close to the US in it's economic power. Yet socialsim seems to draw some like flies. You know what draws flies, right?

After all is said and done all of our problems and challenges devolve down to the characters of those we put in office. There's 545 people in congress that absolutely control the future of the United States economically. Unfortunately this mostly failed class of people DO control our Destiny on several macro economic levels --- mainly through regulation and taxation gyrations.

It's important that we vote for character-driven people for congress and the white house, because character drives decisions that affect all of us. More immediately and specifically, we have a choice of putting a polished, wealth- spreading socialist clothed as a "tax cutter" ---- or a crusty un-smooth, Viet Nam era fighter clothed as a quasi-conservative into the presidency. I'm pulling for the quasi-conservative. Otherwise I'll just write in, "Wicked Witch".

Maybe if I click my heels I'll get better choices.

Meantime let's vote for honest, character driven people that won't fake us out.

Please vote!


MattJohnson said...

It's always amazed me when people care more about what happens on some TV show than who they're putting in office, or issues that actually affect them. Ask most people about what's going on in the economy, world events, etc and their eyes will glaze over. Yet they can talk for hours about what happened in the latest BS reality show.

I guess their future doesn't mean much to them, or they expect the government to take care of them. As long as the general public doesn't give a rat's ass, politicians will continue to have a blank check.

Uninformed/uninterested public = free ride for those bastards.

Jay said...

Yeah, I agree with you Matt.

One thing that really impacts the election is the sheer numbers of those who work FOR the government. If I'm not mistaken 50% of the current US job force is a government job in one way or another.

That's why our elections are always so close today. Half the population wants a socialism inspired person to generally protect their government jobs.

How many times has the government laid off any numbers of its employees?

Compare that answer to the thousands who are being laid off by major corporations right now.

Unfortunately, the government is a self-interest group in and of itself, and it always extends its influence by promising the moon to all those not already working for the government, that are still susceptible to conventional market employment forces.

Meanwhile, people are ignorant of the fact that our country has flourished beyond the imaginations of any previous culture or nation ever in history because of...freedom. That is freedom to fail spectacularly, and the freedom to succeed on the grandest scales.

However, when we give up our freedom for security, which is essentially the socialist view, if not Marxist, the we deserve neither freedom or security. Of course that quote comes from Benjamin Franklin about 200 years ago. Nothing's changed that truth.