Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Dead Cat Bounce? Specu-tard vs. Specu-vestor

This article was forwarded to me and I think it's a good reminder and warning to avoid following the lead of impatient amateurs, and specu-tards in this current market. The definition between that of a "specu-vestor" and a "specu-tard" is market timing!

Also, I want to provide a link here to the real estate timing expert of all time, Robert Campbell ("Timing the Real Estate Market"), who has a popular web site (I get nothing financially out of this referral, expect a warm and confident feeling that you'll benefit as much as I have from his book) that you might consider.

What's more Robert's book and information will help more of us avoid making the mistake of interpreting a "dead cat bounce" as a full-on RE rebound.

Robert Campbell's Webpage

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