Sunday, December 22, 2013

"The Anti Sub2 Guru's Five-Step PLan To Making Your First $30,000...!"

I don't 'guru' anyone anymore.

Gurus are just codependent losers.

They waste all sorts of time with the un-serious wanna-bees, trying to be liked and respected.

They just end up like the codependent girls, with boyfriends that beat them to a bloody pulp, and then blame themselves for the beatings.

Can these girls get any stupider?

Well, I'm not that stupid, or codependent (cough) anymore.

Now, I don't care who likes me.

And I'm no longer beaten like a rented mule.

My primary reason...

I limit myself to helping the action takersl

They don't abuse my time.

Speaking of them... (what a segue)

I was so anxious to share this...

Actually, I am excited...

It's a 5-step outline of a typical "Screw The Bank!" deal, that broadly illustrates how simply anyone can make their first $30,000 flipping pretty houses.

It starts with a $300,000 example.  Don't let that scare you.

I just wanted to highlight the profits by using larger numbers.  The percentages are the same in every price point, even if the dollars amounts are different.

So, relax...

Here's the plan...
  •     Create a "Sub2" mailing list, consisting of newer homes, with newer loans, with 10% equity, and mail to them.
  •     Make offers of $270k (10% off retail) with no down payment.
  •     Get the deeds, take over loans, and close.
  •     Find buyers that need "easy" financing; resell for 10% above retail, and ask for 10% down  ($330k with $30k down).
  •     [This would be when you pocket your first $30,000]
  •     Finance the balance, until the buyer pays you off, and you collect the balance of your equity; another $30k.

That's the deal in a nutshell.

It's all about buying a little below retail, adding value with the easy financing, and selling a little above retail.

This is the low-competition strategy I follow for making money where few others can.

If you're ready for the full Monty ...with all the nutz and boltz, just Click below>>>>>
The Nutz and Bolts Of Pretty House Flipping Here

Your Sub2 Coach, Jay (and Wolfie, the Sub2 Chihuahua)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Why Beaters Are The Kiss of Death To Financial Freedom...!

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It's takes the same amount of time and money to find cheap deals, as it does to find expensive deals.

When I say, "cheap," I'm talking about "low-profit.'

When I say, "expensive," I'm talking about "high-profit."

If we can make $25,000 on one deal, in the same amount of time it takes to make $5,000 on one deal, why in the world would we be spending time working on $5,000 deals...?

That's craziness.

One of my students told me that he was working low-end deals, and spending a lot of time and money on marketing (in the old days). 

He could find a $5,000 deal every month, but after paying all his marketing and business costs (and taxes), he would only 'take home' about $1,500.

At this rate, he would need at least five deals a month to replace his current income.

Well, scaling up a business, five times it's current size, IS a HARD slog, especially if you don't have...

A large nest egg to begin with...
A lot left over to plow back into the business...
And a job to back you up...

Meantime, scaling up five times, not only requires an increase in marketing and time spent, but requires five times the delegation, if not organization skills...

Worse... maintaining that level of production, month-in and month-out...

ignores market fluctuations...
ignores the ebb and flow of the competition...
ignores our energy levels...

That's why I don't mess with $5,000 deals. 
It requires too many of them to make things work...

I'll leave those for my competition.  

Meantime, I want one deal to push off five times that ...or $25,000. 

How's that done, you ask?

You can find out by subscribing to "Screw The Bank!"
Five Times More Money - Same Effort
Your Sub2 Coach, Jay (and Wolfie, the Sub2 Chihuahua)

P.S.  You can imagine how fast I could scale my business, once I started focing on bigger deals in the first place...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Using Bandit Signs To Screen Out The Sub2 Losers...!

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"Jay, is there a way to eliminate "trash calls" on my bandit signs?"


So, we don't want to sift prospects after they call on the phone.  I get that.

The problem is, when our advertising isn't targeted enough ...we get calls from time wasters, and competitors, and looky-lous.

Part of the solution is to highly target our ad copy. 

For example, we separate the hot prospects from the warm ones with a choice on how to get a hold of us ...and when.

Most folks are doing this wrong. 

For instance, bandit signs that say "I Buy Houses," have about the most generic, unfocused, ad copy possible.

There's a place for these, I'm sure, but it screens out nobody.

As an aside offers no obvious benefit to the prospects. 

So what, "I buy houses?"  And..?

Ad copy needs to show/offer/demonstrate explicit benefits.  Why?

Because we're always dealing with A.D.D. victims.

So, if we don't want to screen out the idly curious, trash calls, crank calls, competing investors, other bird dogs, and looky-lous, then we just use the "I Buy Houses" ad copy.

On the other hand, if we're ready to target a niche of prospects that needs to do 'something' today, we use ad copy that reads something like, "Sell Your House Today."

Meantime, the key word phrase here is "Selling Today."

This offers a more obvious benefit to a seller who needs out, than making a statement that we buy houses.

Even more specifically, we can give options  on how to contact us, depending on what situation(s) the prospect is experiencing. 

For example for those that are ready to do a deal today, we invite them to call us directly.  For those that 'want more information' we send to a web page.  For all others we send them to phone-tree hell.  Just kidding!

Meantime, no ad copy will guarantee to weed out all the trash calls, of course, but using qualifying ad copy is still better than using a generic headline.

If we wanted to really sift the prospects, we could include more qualifiers.

Before I give you an example of that, think about all the negative qualifiers that drug advertisers include in their TV ads. 

Most would think these negative qualifiers would turn off would-be buyers to their medications.  For example we'll hear...

Beware that "Vagirash® " can cause...
  • explosive diarrhea
  • thoughts of suicide
  • nightmares
  • vivid dreams
  • sleep walking
  • strokes
  • heart attacks
  • headaches
"Please consult your physician before using Vagirash®, and tell him if you've ever had kidney disease, voted democrat, if you regularly shop at Wal-Mart; and had an erection lasting longer than four days."

After hearing all these negative, if not fatal, side effects, people still demand their doctors prescribe this crap to them.

What's happened here? 

The advertisers know that sifting out the prospects that would get hung up over these downsides, won't call and waste their time. 

The rest are so hung up on the benefits being promised that they're willing to accept the risk that their sex lives will resemble a limp piece of spaghetti; that they're likely to begin drooling out the left side of their mouths from a stroke; and will develop blinding headaches where suicide is a welcome relief.

Meantime, they trust Vagirash will get rid of their infection ...and that their dating life will improve, as a result.  Yay!

OK, here's a sample of more qualifying on RE signs:

Sell Your House Today
Want Out..?  Need Cash...?
Call Jay Now For Cash At

We could add more qualifiers, if we wanted to.  This goes against the grain of most marketers, but we could add,

"If You're Not Ready To
Sell Today, Don't Call Us.
We're Only Taking Calls From
People Who Want To Sell Today."

I have seen this.  This sifts out the option weighers, and puts us in control of our negotiations. 

Anyone who calls, had better want to sell today, huh?

Well, all this was an answer to a question I received about how to screen time wasters using the OLD ways of finding motivated sellers.

This is the time-consuming method of scaring up prospects.

The great news for you is that I offer a much more elegant, efficient, and time-saving way to get your phone ringing with motivated, anxious, sellers ...that are ready to rock and roll today ...without depending on bandit signs.

However, if you prefer pounding in signs, and driving around picking them up, and writing them over and over again... my system is NOT for you. 

But if you want the most pre-sifted, anxious, exhausted, and motivated sellers making your phone ring, just click the link below.   
Getting Your Phone To Ring With Motivated Sellers The Easy Way
Your Sub2 Coach, Jay (and Wolfie, the Sub2 Chihuahua)

P.S.  If you have a 'bandit sign' success story that I can use in one of my posts, email me with your phone number and email address, with "bandit sign story" in the headline, and I will give you a $100 discount on my advanced training.  Be prepared to provide your photo and a picture of the actual bandit sign you've used, that I can post. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Think of it as a persistant, interminable cough ...that spews cash...!

There's one direct mail, marketing principal, that trumps crappy headlines, and poor ad copy, and just plain, old, bad real estate marketing...
Before I tell you what it is, let me first say, that after I 'got' my mind around this principal, I stopped beating myself up over 'bad ad copy.'
Even better, my response rates climbed, and more importantly, so did my conversion rates.
So what is this principal?

It's the principal of "consistency."

OK, before you tune out to that overly familiar, and boring-sounding term...stick with me for a few seconds...
I'm not talking about mailing out every three months kind of consistency... But every last Friday of the month kind of consistency...
OK, why Friday, exactly, you be askin'?
Because the peoples be payin' more attention to the mailz they be gettin' on Mondayz.
Just acceptz it.

I can't even remember who I learned that from, so ignore it at your peril.
The very most important part of this
principal, is that it naturally focuses
emerging prospects on our solution.
For instance, the month we skip a mailing, is the month that the competition 'doesn't skip' and snags our ripe, falling fruit, because the prospect only saw our competition's message that month. People forget us that fast...

Recently, I was on a call with a fellow investor who was sending every 90 days with fairly mediocre results, according to him.

He wasn't a newbie, and had about 25 deals under his belt.

OK, not a world-blowing stat, but twenty five deals times $10K a deal is um, $250,000 ...pre-tax.

The point is that he needed better results. We talked about his ad pieces. He had great copy.

His problem was two-fold.

First the amateur competition was coming out of the woodwork around him.

All the fresh seminar graduates were swamping his farm with 'yellow letters' and "Mary letters" and your average junk mail.

Well, of course this amount of competition drove the prospects to THEM, not him, and his response and conversion rates tumbled.

The second problem was, obviously, he wasn't sending often enough.

His cards would come now and then, but the competition was stealing his deals out from under him, only because they were in the prospect's face, month-by-month, by comparison.

As those prospects emerged, they were being caught up in the competition's more 'consistently-cast' net!

Since our ads are all about getting attention, he wasn't getting enough with 90-day mailings.

Which brings me to say that the best way to get attention, is to keep our message in front of our prospects eyes, more often than our competitor.

This does two things:
1) Makes us familiar
2) Makes us the first choice to call.
Which brings me to the main point.

Mailing (exposing the message) consistently, separates the sheep from the goats in this business.

For example, again, if we only mail like four times a year, the prospects will forget who we are in the meantime, and will call the guy that sent mail for the last, five, straight months, first!

Now what?

Well, now we're 'also rans' in regards to those deals.

Well, those folks go home empty-handed, or worse, get a pat on the back, for "participating."

Yeah, well those pats are reserved for marketing cripples.

Forget that!!!!!!

Bottom line is that consistent, timely advertising, trumps bad ad copy, and the competitors that try to market on the cheap.

By refusing to send enough mail, they get a ride home, with a warm pat, on the "also ran's" short bus.

Hey, let's encourage them!! Let's spread the word that 'one-off' mailers are the crème de la crème of advertising shizzle!

We want to keep that 'short bus' full...!

Meanwhile, if you think that mailing out once a month is hard work, since you've got to 'think up' ad copy, you will love my training, because I already give you time-tested, profit-generating, ad copy, that turns out more like a "mail and make money" kind of deal.
Your Sub2 Coach, Jay.